SEO Auditing

Our in-depth SEO auditing can check on the overall health of your site. An official SEO audit will suggest some of the main opportunities as well as some of the issues that could be facing your site. Through our SEO audit reporting we will create an actionable list of items that you can check down to create the best strategy for your search engine optimization activities.

At SEO twins, we can deliver several different options for SEO audits including:

SEO strategic audits:

We can create a list of strategies and suggestions that can be used to solve any type of issue. Our company can maximize opportunities on your website with a detailed list of strategies that could be used to help you improve website performance.

SEO forensic audits:

In an emergency situation with your website we can undergo a forensic audit to identify some of the main compounding issues that are causing your business to struggle. Forensic audits are commonly completed when there is a severe drop in traffic. Through our forensic audits we can determine what could be going on with your leads, what your competition is doing to capture more traffic than your site and more. These forensic audits are each completed in a customized format from our SEO experts. Our audit functions to deliver better e-commerce support for websites which are extensively complex. We can work in almost any industry as well as deliver SEO optimization audits in a bundle that is a custom aimed checklist for your most actionable items requiring improvement

SEO basics:

Our SEO basics audit includes several different distinctive regions for outlining your search engine strategy. In this audit we will verify your Google analytics, make sure that your website is properly indexed as well as set up the implementation of all tracking codes for the future of your website. We can look into user behavior and extensive traffic reports to crawl through your page and grade the search engine friendliness of all of your content as well as index your site for the best strategies you could be taking on to achieve higher search engine values.

Review of CMS:

If your code has not been properly optimized this can often have of massive impact on the success of your site. With sub ideal CMS systems you could be consistently compromising the visibility of your website. We can identify the best areas where you could be optimizing your meta-tags, image tags and more. With our review of your CMS we will determine the best items for optimization immediately.

Keyword ranking reports:

As part of our SEO audit we will provide preliminary keyword rankings for the top 25 keywords displayed across your site as well as display the best phrases you should be using for search engine visibility. We can make recommendations for integrating text with important links, delivering the text with greater support in your content and more.

Benchmarking competitors:

We can check into your competitors and provide benchmark information on their back link profile to get a full report of how they are keeping ahead of you in competition. OEO twins digital analysts will provide you with a full report delivering the methods that your competitors are using to stay on top of your traffic. We checked the visibility of their sites, examine the advantages and the pitfalls of each of your competitors sites as well.


We can provide an internal and external link report that will help you concentrate on the links which are bringing maximum traffic into your site.

Our action list:

We will deliver a comprehensive list of actionable items which are vital for ranking your site or helping new users discover your site. This list will help you to generate an SEO strategy.

What to expect:

By working with SEO Twins we can work to identify some of the most critical items on your page and deliver insight into the best new initiatives that you could take on to enhance your search engine strategy. In most cases we are called in the event of an emergency and we can perform immediate SEO forensic audits to address these most significant situations. We are also more than happy to work in an ongoing monthly strategy as well as coordinate with web designers, developers and your staff members to work at implementing all of our recommendations to turn your site around.

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